Brian O'Shea

UX Design and Information Architecture.
I ask lots of questions, love clean design, and I'm a whiteboard ninja. Let's collaborate.

About Me:

I aim for simple and intuitive human-centered experiences that help users accomplish tasks as painlessly (and as beautifully) as possible. I believe that businesses metrics are ultimately connected to not only a deep understanding of users and their pain points, but also to thoughtful user-experiences that focus on making things easier and better.

So who am I? I’m creative. I’m technical. I’m empathetic.
I've been a map designer and studied GIS analysis, and have worked a photographer and a video editor. I love Photoshop about as much as I love Excel.

I’ve demonstrated my left/right brained acumen across nearly ten years in Product, Content, and Community Management roles in both corporate and startup environments. I've led large geographically distributed content teams. I've been through startup bootcamps like TechStars. And while I've worked on user experience related projects (both research and wireframing design) for years in prior roles - I’m stoked to bring all my product and content experience together with my other skills and talents to build a deep focus on UX.

Why UX? Why now?

In the winter of 2013-2014 I took a four month sabbatical to backpack and volunteer through Southeast Asia. While not busy snapping pictures of crumbling temples or steering beat-up motos through the jungle, I was lucky enough to make time to look back on my work and career. With the luxury of space and distance to reflect - I could look towards the future and where I wanted to head next. So I kept asking myself:

"Which projects was I most eager to jump out of bed in the morning to work on?"
"Which teams inspired me and made me push for better?"
"What work did I most enjoy?"
---- I kept coming back to UX and user-centered design.

With time away it became clearer: focusing on the user has always been the best part of my work. I love asking questions and solving complex challenges, and I'm passionate about finding great solutions to tough problems. With enthusiasm for clean design, finding the best way to get users from "A" to "Z", and a love of collaborating on creative and technical teams --- UX truly feels like "home" - exactly the right place for me.

Offscreen Life:

When not pushing pixels or doing UX research, I like to get outside - trail running, skiing, hiking, and wilderness backpacking. When I can get even further away - I love to trek abroad in spots like Central America or Spain. I’m serious about photography, yoga, mindfulness meditation and really good food. On my headphones you'll find bands like Deerhunter or Panda Bear, and my walls demonstrate that my childhood obsession with topographic maps has never waned.

Brian O'Shea UX designer

What I do: